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Y-Chromosome and mtDNA results for Jesse Haye and mtDNA results for Elisabeth Smit

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Elisabeth and I share 2 markers, meaning that at some point back in time, we share a common ancestor. Haplogroup H comes from Haplogroup R

Here are some of the other people we share these markers with. "Marie Antoinette, and her matrilineal ancestors back to Bertha von Putelendorf  died 1120, were of haplogroup H.(Jehaes et al, European Journal of Human Genetics, vol 6 pp. 383-395 (1998) and vol 9, pp 185-190, (2001): the extended sequence is: HVR1 T16519C; HVR2 T152C, C194T, A263G and N315.1C) If all pedigrees are assumed correct, the following matrilineal relatives of Marie Antoinnette were of haplogroup H: Maria Theresa of Austria, Marie-Louise of Austria (second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte), Peter II of Russia, Pedro II of Brazil, Philip III Duke of Burgendy, Leopold II of Belgium, Frederick William II of Prussia, Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, August III the Saxon, and Stanislav August Poniatowski.

Among other famous members of group H are Empress Alexandra Fyodorovina, wife of the last Russsian tsar Nicholas II, and all their children. Their membership in haplogroup H was established when genetic testing was done on their remains to authenticate their identity. As a consequence, all of relatives on the matrilineal line also have this haplogroup. These include Alexandra Fyodorovina's relatives along the matrilineal  line all the way back to her ancestor Blanca Nunez de lara (approx. 1317 - 1347), which include her grandmother Queen Victoria and her cousins the Duke of Edinburgh, Lord Mountbatten, and Willem II of Germany and his wife Victoria of Schlesweg-Holstein. Other matrilineal descendants of Blanca Nunez de Lara include Marie de' Medici, Anne of Austria, Charless II, James II, and William III of England, Leopold I of Belgium, Wladislaus IV and John II of Poland, Michael I of Romania, George II, Alexander I, Paul and Constantine II of Greece, Christian VI of Denmark, Louis XIII, Louis XV and Louis XIV of France, Charles XI, and Christina of Sweden, William I of the Netherlands, Philip V, Philip IV, and Charles II of Spain and Queen Sophia of Spain." (Wikipedia)

But then again, about 50 percent of Europeans carry these markers and belong to haplogoup H!

Meet my father, the late Willy Haye, born 14 May 1914 in Soerabaja, East Java.  Dad died 26 February 1996 Cloverdale, California.

Willy belongs to Y-Chromosome haplogroup I1A


The earliest known ancestor on my Y-chromosome line is Frederich Haye, born in Berne, Duchy of Oldenburg 14 February 1616. My haplogroup has been refined to I1a. A group that appears at this moment to originate from what is now Normandy, France. Could the Haye name have originated in one of the many towns in this area like la Haye?

Meet my mother the late Ilse Eureka Leonie Boon, born 14 March 1917 in Langsa, Sumatra, she died 12 May 2006 in Cloverdale, California.

Ilse belongs to haplogroup B

My earliest known ancestor on my mtDNA line is Alina born about 1790 in Semarang, Java.






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For a description of mtDNA haplogroup H see Wikipedia

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