These photos were taken during our 1993 holiday in Nassau, Bahamas. Diane McIntosh    (PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer) flew over from Vancouver, British Columbia,  to teach  Elisabeth, Jaimie and Sebastien the art and sport of scuba diving. Diane is a graphic artist in Vancouver, specialized in book covers. See her website for information. BRIGHT IDEAS

    I had the pleasure of meeting Diane during my travels in the Sinai desert, in January 1993, when we dove together in the "Ras Mohammed"  under water marine park on "Yolanda Reef" and "The Key".

    The Bahamas are located in "Hurricane Alley" and the  Caribbean is famous for its many shipwrecks. All of the photos were taken in the "Shipyard"  area, home to the La Salle, Miranda, Mahoney, BJ and LCT wrecks. The average temperature in April is 28  Celsius and the water temperature varies from 22 Celsius at 42 meters depth in the "Bleu Hole" to 25 Celsius at about 25 meters, depth of most wrecks.

Night diving is fantastic in Caribbean waters and we highly recommend this destination for SCUBA.

All underwater photography by Jesse Haye with a "Sea&Sea Motor Marine II" camera, using  35mm, wide angle and macro lenses. Other photography with Canon F1  and T70  cameras. Photos copyright 1993Jesse Haye.

Be a "SAFE" diver, slowly ascend from every dive.

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Gray angelfish


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French angelfish

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Barrel sponge


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Nassau grouper

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Queen triggerfish



Green spotted moray


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Nurse shark

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porcupinefish.jpg (15426 bytes)

Puffer fish 

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Wreck diving

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This moray I shot in the Grenner wreck at a depth of 30 meters

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Spiny lobster


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Rock beauty + Sea whip and rod

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Blue parrotfish


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Blue tang


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Yellow stingray


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Yellow butterfly fish


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Yellow jack



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French angelfish


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Butter hamlet


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Yellow stingray

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