Jesse and Elisabeth Haye inEl Gouna 2


These photos where taken during my underwater photographer and peak performance buoyancy specialty courses on 23 and 24 November 1999. The following are from El Gelwa reef.

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The following are from Marsa Abu Kalawa reef.

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The following are from Shab Abu Kalawa reef.

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The following photos where taken during Rescue Diver course, open water training from 29/11/99 - 1/12/99.

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Jesse Haye with Nehir and ?

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Elisabeth Haye

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These dolphins accompanied me out for my last dive of the millenium, and my first dive as a certified Master Scuba Diver.

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    All underwater photography by Jesse Haye with a "Sea&Sea Motor Marine II" camera, using  35mm, wide angle and macro lenses. Other photography with Olympus IS3000 and Canon F1, T70 and IXUS cameras. Photos copyright 1999 Jesse Haye.