Various photographs that I took during a road trip from San Francisco to Death Valley, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, New Mexico and back to San Francisco. Liesbeth and I drove Willi home. Just during this six day trip we drove about four thousand miles!

lasttrip091_small.jpg lasttrip092_small.jpg lasttrip093_small.jpg lasttrip094_small.jpg
lasttrip095_small.jpg lasttrip096_small.jpg lasttrip097_small.jpg lasttrip098_small.jpg
lasttrip099_small.jpg lasttrip142_small.jpg lasttrip1002_small.jpg lasttrip101_small.jpg
lasttrip102_small.jpg lasttrip103_small.jpg lasttrip104_small.jpg lasttrip105_small.jpg
lasttrip106_small.jpg lasttrip107_small.jpg lasttrip108_small.jpg lasttrip109_small.jpg
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