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   This branch of the Haye family hails from the Lutheran church parish of Berne in Oldenburg, in what is now known as the state of Niedersachsen. Common variants of the name are; Haio, Hajo, Haije, Haje, Hayen, Heie and Heien.


   A carrier of the name Haye first appeared in 1312 in Blexen. In the ensuing years we find people with that name not only in Butjadingen and in Jeverlande, but also in the city of Oldenburg, 1366 Gerd Haye, 1411 Hei Hinric Heyge, in Moorhausen-Ohmstede 1382 Alart Haye, 1428 and 1438 Haureke Haye, 1462 Beneke Haye, 1487 Gerd Haye, in Hekeln (Stedingen) 1449 Hinrik Haye, 1489 Helmerich Haye, 1494 Dyrik Haye and later also in Gluing and Ollxen. For the next eighty years the name does not appear in any records, until 1581 when Heyn Hay appears in Wustenland. Our branch descends from Fredrich Haye, born in Berne, Oldenburg 14 February  1616. For a short history of Oldenburg see;


   I have had my Y- chromosome DNA tested for the National Geographic Genographic Project and Family Tree maker DNA. The results indicate that our line of Haye’s belongs to haplogroup I. This haplogroup is about 23,000 years old or older. And specifically to the subgroup I1a. The I1a lineage is thought to have its roots in northern France. It is found today most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in northwest Europe. More details later at


   Descendants of Hendrik Lodewijk Bletterman, born 14 february 1704 in Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen, Germany and Meindert Jansz Boon, born 23 October 1698 in Bangert, Nederland will find information here.

Also a descendant report of my 8th great-grandmother Angela "Maaij Ansela" van Bengale. In October 1666, she became the third person to be freed from slavery at the Cape.


   All contributions and or corrections for this page and the reports are appreciated.


   Many thanks to the numerous members of the Haye, Boon, and Bletterman families, who have graciously donated copies of records, photos, reports and data for this page. And special thanks to Mr. L. Mattens, for his Haye genealogy report.


   Primary research has been done and many of the original records are archived in the following places:

Niedersachsisches Staatsarchiv Oldenburg, Kirchbücher der ev.-luth. Kirchegemeinde in Berne, Ortsfamilienbuch Berne Ausgabe 2005, Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie 's- Gravenhage, Stadsarchief van Amsterdam, Archiefdienst Westfriese Gemeenten in Hoorn, Rijksarchief for the province Noord Holland in Haarlem.





Descendants of Fredrich Haye, born 14 February 1615/16 in Berne, Oldenburg, view PDF


Descendants of Angela "Maaij Ansela" van Bengalen, view PDF


Descendants of Hendrik Lodewijk Bletterman, born 14 February 1704/1705 in Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen, view PDF


Kinship of Jesse Haye view PDF


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